Business Strategies

  • Through the creation of new stores tailored to the characteristics of local markets and the reactivation of existing stores, we will promote the development of a store network that can be fully supported by customers.
  • We will develop and sell better products that reflect customer opinions and requests.
  • We will strive to promote sincere services and realize a service system that ensures the continuous use of products in the best condition.
  • With the aim of proposing pleasant and attractive stores that cater to the needs of customers, we will actively develop advertising and promotional activities.

Store Strategy

Consolidation of bases in each area

The EDION Group develops stores across the country where a variety of different local markets exist. While we are all based on the unified Group Policy, we also promote local policies tailored to the needs of each local market to strengthen local bases and increase our market share in each area.

Moreover, we implement marketing strategies designed to meet the needs of each region, market environment and customers: While obtaining "prompt feedback from the field," we carry out "carefully-crafted measures tailored to each region" on an as-needed basis with respect to store development, product selection and price strategies.

Stores tailored to each market

The EDION Group has long conducted community-based sales and business activities while reviewing store forms and product selections in light of the unique market needs in each region. While consolidating the business activities in the regions west to the Chubu region, our core region, we have strived to improve our efficiency and ability to attract customers in the Kanto region by integrating stores that handled different brands into Ishimaru, which enjoys high visibility in the region.

In 2011, we will focus on effective store openings while giving due consideration to commercial zones and locations and the renovation of existing stores to accommodate potential products, such as renovation-related products and residential photovoltaic systems. At the same time, we will strive to reduce logistics and promotional costs via a dominant strategy (an approach to concentrate the opening of new stores in the neighboring areas of existing stores) and cater to the needs of customers by pursuing the scale and form of buildings, floor structure and product selection that best match each local market.

Product Strategy

Development and sale of original products


The EDION Group develops and sells original products under the "KuaL" brand, where extra functions are added according to customer needs and lifestyles. It comprises products equipped with unique functions that embody the requests of our customers, such as air conditioner outdoor units coated with anti-corrosion agents and microwave ovens with convenient original keys, to support their comfortable lives.

Our other original products include the "keyword" brand, where home electronic appliances with sizes and functions just right for those living alone are provided in an integrated design, as well as the environmentally-friendly product series "MY&OUR," which includes batteries, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. As of March 2016, we have approximately 2,000 original products.

Introduction of the "Customer Monitoring System"

The EDION Group launched the "Customer Monitoring System" in 2009 as part of efforts to reflect the opinions of our customers in our business activities. This system aims to reflect customer opinions and requests into the development of original products and the improvement of existing products by asking customers to become product monitors. Monitors are asked to actually use the target electric appliance and evaluate its operability, practicality and design. Customer opinions collected in this manner are conveyed to manufacturers as feedback and used to develop better products or make improvements on existing products so that they can be used more comfortably.

The EDION Group treasures "customer opinions." In the future, we will continue our efforts to reflect customer opinions into our business activities by making the most of the Customer Monitoring System.

Establishment of the "Product Performance Testing Laboratory"


The EDION Group has established the Product Performance Testing Laboratory to independently test the safety, operability and durability of its products and ensure their safe, lasting use.

At the Laboratory, we conduct various product tests from the customer’s perspective, including the compliance of new products with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law and the Household Goods Labeling Act, causal analyses of products that often break down and request that manufacturers make product improvements.

Renovation proposals arising from electric home appliances


The housing renovation industry has a market size as big as that of electric home appliances and real potential for further development. The EDION Group offers kitchen, washroom and bathroom renovation packages, where prices including standard construction costs have been clearly defined and the construction period has been drastically shortened thanks to our unique construction methods. These package plans eliminate all uncertain factors such as construction costs and provide easy-to-purchase renovation packages (the basic specifications of the product and accompanying construction work and prices are all set up in advance).

The EDION Group’s renovation program, which has achieved easy-to-implement renovations by incorporating repairs and after-sale services into existing renovation services, was designated as one of the "High Service Japan 300" selected under the Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth program of the Japan Productivity Center.

In January 2009, we launched a "double window renovation" plan as part of an energy-saving green renovation program. The "double window renovation" plan, where an additional window is installed inside an existing window, will serve not only to reduce dew condensation and noise, but also to enhance the energy efficiency of air conditioners, leading to decreased energy costs. We intend to also propose this renovation plan when we propose air conditioners. Accordingly, we focus on proposals that only a consumer electronics retailer can offer.

Home electrification and home solar power systems

Since customers have shown high interest in home electrification, where heating and lighting costs can be radically reduced by using relatively cheaper nighttime power, all of our electric home appliance stores handle home electrification products, such as EcoCute and IH cooking heaters.

Moreover, demand for home solar power systems is also increasing as an item that addresses both energy-saving and environmental issues. Since home solar power systems are expected to become wide-spread in the future, we intend to meet growing customer demand by increasing the number of stores that handle solar power systems and by aggressively leveraging the Group’s own service systems.

Establishment of construction and sales systems


Professional expertise and skills are required to handle renovations, home electrification and home solar power system projects. The EDION Group has established the Construction Technique Training Centers targeting techniques for solar power systems, EcoCute and double window renovations in Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukui. Not only is efficient and effective educational and technical training for construction staff conducted at these centers, but so is education and training for sales and marketing staff.

Service Strategy

Consolidation of services originating from customers


It is indispensable to upgrade the service skills of salespeople to achieve high customer satisfaction. In an effort to improve our service "quality," the EDION Group actively address employee education and conducts various training programs and product workshops based on the stratified education system. Consequently, the number of electric home appliance advisors certified by the Association for Electric Home Appliances is now 4,710 (group total as of Dec 2015). Their rich product knowledge enables them to provide high-quality services to customers. In the future, we will continue our ongoing efforts to enhance customer satisfaction by upgrading employee service quality.

The "EDION Card," a membership card of the EDION Group, features a 5-year (some are 10 years) repair guarantee for many electric home appliances that are over 5,000 yen/item (with some exceptions) for an annual service fee of only 980 yen. Moreover, we also have a point service in place, where points are given not only for the shopping within the EDION Group, but also for shopping at domestic and overseas partner stores and for the payment of utility bills or mobile phone bills. EDION stores also conduct the EDION Card program, which has a total membership of 4.75 million members (as of March 2017). In the future, we intend to add new services to and strengthen the functions of a card that only the EDION Group, which promises "long-lasting customer satisfaction through high-quality products and reliable service," can provide.

Incessant pursuit for high-quality services


In an effort to realize long-lasting customer satisfaction with purchased products, the EDION Group combines the expertise of Group companies to build a high-quality service system that caters to the needs of customers. In January 2010, the Group companies launched a full-scale mutual delivery program, which led to the realization of a high-quality after-sale service network across the country. Our customer-oriented services include the free delivery and installation of large products, "same-day delivery" and "same-day installation" where products are delivered on the day of purchase and "time zone delivery" that caters to the lifestyles of customers. Moreover, we also offer new services that meet customer requests, such as the cleaning of air conditioners, the replacement of electric bulbs or tubes, the repair and delivery of small electric home appliances, the installation of fire alarms and the delivery of components ordered at a store. For repairs, we will strive to upgrade our repair skills, including everything from reception at stores to the acquisition of cutting-edge technology. We also pursue the convenience of our customers, such as the introduction of a "flat rate repair fee system" that enables customers to choose either repair or replacement on the spot.

Approximately 1,500 service sector employees always try for improvement of service level and carry out approximately 2,240,000 a year delivery, setting, approximately 580,000 a year carry-on repair, approximately 890,000 a year business trip repair precisely and quickly now. In addition, "household appliance total support" to perform air-conditioner cleaning and professional cleansing check service of household appliance, setting, connection of digital appliance has favorable reception. We give service corresponding to such a various needs and wrestle in improvement of after-sale service for positive technique and true heart positively from now on.